May 10, 2012

The last of KMB Hot Dogs

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On the evening of May 7, 2012, KMB ran its last non-air conditioned buses on regular service. From that point on, all transit buses in Hong Kong are air-conditioned. Two of the non-AC buses that ran on May 7 were carrying a wrap promoting the Hong Kong brand.


December 24, 2011

丹拿E型的故事 – The story of Daimler E

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早期丹拿 E 型一人售票模式。一人售票模式只用在市區路線,因此所有乘客需於中門登車、前門下車。

在海底隧道通車時,因為中巴已在過海線實施一人控制,過海線丹拿 E 型亦推行一人控制。過海線車頭加上投幣標誌,所有乘客需於前門登車、中門下車。



1983年以後轉上一個新KMB標誌。這種顏色繼續使用到1991年當所有丹拿 E 型完全退役。丹拿 E 型是九巴的最後一款 half cab 巴士.

May 5, 2010

(Kuso/惡搞) LV – Leyland Victory or Louis Vuitton

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You decide.

March 26, 2010

SamTrans new buses

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Buses deserve to look nice and attractive.

August 16, 2009

Culture Bus

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Although you might not be willing to pay to ride the Culture Bus in San Francisco when it was in service, now you can bring the Culture Bus home for free.


That bus was inaugurated in September 2008 and was discontinued on August 15, 2009. The purpose of the bus was to connect the Museums in Golden Gate Park, Civic Center, and Downtown together. The idea was good, the branding was attractive, but the execution was terrible. As soon as potential riders figured out the fare was much higher than its worth ($7 day pass), they kept away from the line and the management had done nothing to boost ridership (like lowering fares).

It is unfortunate to see all the branding go to waste.

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